Reveal needs in real-time to deliver personalized and tangible advice at scale

What matters lies beneath the surface

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BNN Finovate Investment Executive Wealthtech 100 Wealth Management Finalist

Create and communicate value beyond investment returns

Segment and serve groups of clients with similar needs

TelosTouch unlocks a rich behavioral data set that drives client engagement, advisor capacity and business opportunities. Our patent-pending technology enables evidence-based advice and impact to create and protect wealth. Now, advisors can shift their value proposition beyond investment returns.


The purpose behind an individual action or advisor-client collaboration


The tangible value created by visibility and real-time connectivity

Closer Relationships. Tangible Value.™

The future of financial advice is Guided Collaboration™ that is influenced by three trends:

  • Demand for transparency drives accountability
  • Mobile devices enhance advisor-client engagement
  • Data analytics delivers actionable insights

Deepen client relationships and showcase the value of financial advice